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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Saturday, October 24th, 2009

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I so love this video - I've posted this song before, with these artists, but not this version.#


Also, I am a sad bad person, who persuaded a friend to watch Walk all over me a mostly crap thriller with Tricia Helfer as a dominatrix and LeeLee Sobieski as her friend from back home who complicates her life. And very probably goes to bed with her about five minutes after the film ends, if you ask me.

Also, one of the smartest ways ever of pwning an armed man with no especial reluctance to kill you.
I just found this - quite the oddest posthumous collaboration ever, and yet singularly appropriate. William Burroughs reciting Brecht's 'What Keeps Mankind Alive'- even more sinister than the Tom Waits version.

Implausibly enough, I once met Burroughs at a party - the late Kathy Acker introduced us but we really didn't have anything much to talk about. He was a writer I respected without liking, and I cannot imagine where I would have fitted into his world-view.

The whole Roz connects to everyone schtick is true, but often the connections are not significant.

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