March 1st, 2010


And on a roll

One of my favourite bits of Heine:

Broken up within my chest
all lust, and every joy or jest
and wicked men can sin away
without my caring. From today
I'm done with pitying the pain
of others or myself. My brain
is winding down and so's my breath
The only thing I feel is death

The credits roll; the movie's done
they're off, already having fun
my fans. Good people, they're not dumb
they'll smoke a joint or drink some rum
and coke, walk off without a care
I'm dead, they're not - It isn't fair
he should be right. Achilles said
there's just no point in being dead,
when some smug little Stuttgard shit
is getting laid, the lucky git
while I'm the hero prince of hell
and cannot fuck or see or smell
or feel the sun upon my skin
a hungry shadow, pale and thin.

Definitely a roll...

More Heine - Morphine

They look alike, but just not quite like twins,
brothers at least. One's pale, more elegant
more of a gentleman, than him whose kind
soft touch upon my forehead gives me rest
upon his cradling hand. His smile's a dream
white poppy petals in my mind like snow
wiping out pain and grief and joy and soul
just for a while. I'm done with him. I want
the real stuff now, that lasts. He'll come to me
woo me, the thin white duke and ravish me
Oh sleep's OK but death is better still.
And best of all not ever to have been.

Oh, and Sappho

I wrote this as a tweet, which is an odd discipline...

Dark heaven's bright with stars
the half-moon rises washes out their light
silvers the dusky world
silvers the dusky world.

The repetition was an artefact of cutting and pasting, but works anyway, I think.

The moon is down, the Pleiades are set
Midnight ticks past and yearning until wet
I lie alone