March 21st, 2010


Just one film today..

And I wanted to like it a little bit more than I did, which was, nonetheless, quite a lot...

And then came Lola is a lesbian San Francican remake of Run Lola Run which turns out to be a better idea than it sounds. It's even more like a gaming movie than the original, because part of what is going on is Lola getting to learn from iteration to iteration how to avoid the ill-tempered woman with the big dog and finding the right way to get the meter maid to be helpful, and part of it is a bit subtler. Fine-tuning things so that her girlfriend does not run off to Italy with a rangy ex is not something which she gets right first time...

The trouble is that, in the end, this is an American film in which someone Learns a Valuable Lesson and if I sometimes get repetitious about my irritation with that sort of thing it is because they keep on bloody doing it. ATCL ends up being the sort of rom-com where the heroine realizes the error of her ways, and stops using toys, and starts offering her lovers commitment, and is rewarded with better sex than she has ever had because she has let herself Care.

To which, to some extent, I find myself saying - yea, and what happened six months later? It worries me sometimes that we are supposed to be on board with the assimilationist agenda. Just like straights except for who we sleep with...And even more super-monogamous,being defined as being equally dishonest about cheating...

I liked the film, but part of me, an old sluttish part, said Bah Humbug.


I know that between the LLGFF and the demonstration against the Digital Economy Bill most people are otherwise engaged on Wednesday, but I am reading for an hour at the Middlesex University Literary Festival at 18.20. Details here.

I'll be reading and talking about a couple of bits of the big fantasy novel and the recent poems and verse translations. For an hour.