May 3rd, 2010


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desayunoencama posted a link to an essay on sonnets, referring to my recent efflorescence of the damn things.

So, of course, I had to comment - and managed this at something like the normal speed of a Facebook comment, which is by way of an apology...

It's like this; never knowing what to say
Struggling to bring words out of dark to day
And structure is the ladder that we climb
Hefting ideas that need to find their time

Like bears that licked their cubs from formless mass
there is the chin, the paw, the spine, the ass
- which never happened. Aristotle said
it did, which was enough to give it cred.

Thoughts need a sheepdog or they scatter far
from where you want them. Sometimes in a car
you think of one tight line, or on a bus.
You need to pull it tighter still and thus

we use the sonnet. It's a poet's friend
it starts. it has a middle, then an end...

Vote Labour

or the Mitchell Brothers will get you.

I am not entirely convinced, but it's good punchy scare propaganda.

And, let's also note, Ross Kemp sticking it where it hurts to his (allegedly) abusive ex-wife Rebekah Wade...