June 14th, 2010


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A very brief update - I was in Oxford for Trans Script and a meeting of Oxford Queer Left, and spent the weekend participating in the SF Foundation Criticism Master Class, which was fun and exhausting - and I hope useful to the people in my classes. Now I have absolutely to buckle down to finishing the Nip/Tuck book by the end of the month, so I don't imagine I will be terribly visible for a bit...

I'm not writing poems this month...

but there is the angel on the cover of the Season 5 Nip/Tuck DVDs. And Vix - Victoria Guggenheim, brilliant body painter and performance artist - was moaning about problems she is having with a costume. And I told her to shut up and went and wrote.

Half an hour later, I had this.

The angel has a problem with her wings.
She's joining the eternal choir that sings.
Too many left-hand feathers, too few right
At this rate she'll be working half the night

sorting them into piles, turning them round
sewing them to her shoulders once she's found
the veins she must not prick. Her needle's sharp.
She must work faster. On the wall her harp

strums in impatience. Then there is the pain
angels endure. Screaming her hymns again,
She stretches what were once her shoulder blades
now pulled out into wings. Her eyesight fades

to dizzy and to black. This agony
she hopes to forge into eternity.

Not quite up to Rilke, I fear...But certainly another reason why every angel is terrible.