August 24th, 2010


Another composer


Hard to imagine how he daily let
his work be ordered. 'Write a puppet show
with parts for two sopranos. Nothing slow
- some of your dances, not a minuet

-yours are too stately. Some quick peasant dance
with lots of stamping. Like those symphonies
you wrote for me last week.' Esterhazy's
not the worst master. When he gets the chance,

he'll write another string quartet, to take,
play with friends in Vienna, or a mass,
with drums and trumpets. And perhaps that lass,
Mozart's young wife could sing it. Hearts will break

at 'dona nobis pacem' if she'll sing.
Then Haydn runs; he's heard his master ring.

Three poems about murderers

I submitted SILICONE, aka CHICAGO LEGEND, to an anthology of poems about murder and they turned it down on the reasonable grounds that it was a poem about criminal negligence and illegal disposal of a corpse, rather than about murder. So I sat down and wrote three poems about actual murderers - the one I certainly met, the one I knew well and was probably a murderer, and the one I have met who may have been an actual murderer or just a fantasist who looked like him...

And yep, I know these really have to go behind a cut for triggeriness.

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