September 12th, 2010


After 9.11.2010

What is it we remember of that day?
Seeing those images for the first time
And then again, again. The numbers climb-
passengers, workers, firemen. So much grey

that day - the skies, the grey of choking dust,
the steel grey of planes as they flew in
to towers that were silver grey.We've been
tired for nine years now of the tearful trust

that was abused in memory of the dead
who burned, or choked or had to fall and die.
Their deaths undoubted truth spun like a lie.
So many innocents for those deaths bled.

On that grey day so many crimes were born.
We could have chosen different ways to mourn.

Catullus 59

is just...odd.

There's this redhead in Bologna likes to blow
Any random red-haired fellow you might know.
She is married to Menenus. She will go
Round the graveyard, seeking dinner, to and fro,
grabbing bread out of the embers where they glow,
Of cremations. And the sexton hates her so,
he won't shave until he kills her with one blow.


There's many people think that Quintia's fair.
And I accept she's pale-skinned. fairly tall
And has nice breasts. For me, that's really all
I'll say. Because the rest of it's not there.

No wit, no charm, no smarts.. Good looks will pall
if there's no inner beauty. And that's where
Lesbia scores. She has more than her share
Of every grace. She soars where others fall.