September 14th, 2010


Poetry Break

My Guardian piece about the Papal Visit and Anne Widdecombe is up here. I am increasingly convinced that the people who comment negatively on my columns only ever read the first half of each of my sentences.


Veranius, you are my closest friend -
you would be if I'd thirty thousand more
or if I added millions to the score.
I'm glad to hear you're at your journey's end,

Your little household gods have welcomed you -
your brothers, your old mother. You are back.
And with you all your stories. You've a knack
for telling them, especially when they're true.

So, tell me how it was to visit Spain.
I am so very keen to see your face.
Tell me about each custom, tribe and place.
and snuggle up against my neck again

and kiss my eyes and lips. Of men who're blessed
I'll be much happier than all the rest.