October 4th, 2010



Piso would rather have you round to dine -
his foul left hands who wipe his scabby arse -
than do the decent thing by friends of mine.
The god of pricks, he really has no class.

Socration and Porcius, you pair,
-he wines you, dines you, gives you every treat-
Fabellus and Veranus live on air
and beg for invitations in the street.


Juventius, to kiss your eyes is sweet,
as honey. I will not be satisfied
with thirty million kisses – so complete
is my devotion, I've not even tried
to cease from kissing. In a field of wheat,
harvest the grain and put each grain beside
the kisses I will give you. We'll defeat
comparison, then kiss once more in pride.

A little loose this one, and, you know what, I really don't care one little bit, because I think it gets the ardour and wit of the original...


Most golden-tongued of Romans, Cicero,
the greatest advocate we'll ever know,
I'm forced to offer you my thanks, although
you hate my verse. And, if it ranks below
your work in worth, that's really not so bad,
since you're the greatest writer that we've had.