November 22nd, 2010


Another singer


Arms reaching for a love that will surround
her, stretching like the notes she sings.
Light flashing from her eyes, her teeth, her rings.
But less hypnotic than the rich profound

chocolate liqueur silk stroking of a voice
that speaks of loss and gain, joy and regret
of all the things we choose not to forget
though keeping them in mind is the hard choice.

As elegant as calligraphic line
upon fine paper, she stalks round the crowd
flirting and mocking. Sensual and proud
the eyes and lips that promise to be mine

or yours or no-one's. Her withholding art
promises nothing and still breaks your heart.

(no subject)

With reference to my last few posts, the London TDOR has been denounced on a site called Planet Transgender for being 'spineless' in the face of Mzz. Kimberley's performance, which they regard as 'a desecration.' In various earlier threads, I have suggested that people who are dogmatic about the t-word are showing signs of seeing themselves at once as a majority of the community and as an enlightened vanguard.

We can go on arguing about this for a good long time, and perhaps we should. The question is clearly not as settled as I thought it was.

What is unacceptable is that Planet Transgender feels competent to tell the London Trans community how we should think and act. Anyone inclined to say 'frakking typical yanks' is singing from the same songbook as me.

What is even more unacceptable is that they misgender Mzz Kimberley when a cursory glance at her Facebook would demonstrate that she identifies as female. They seem to have gone there, because they use a photo from her Facebook...

There's also, if my nose twitches correctly, a nasty smell of trans female disdain for trans men whiffing off the piece.

Anyone who feels inclined, and I hope many are, should go to Planet Transgender and say so. I'd argue strongly that even people who disapprove of her song should do so, because misgendering people in the community with whom one disagrees is about as bad as it gets, as far as I am concerned.