December 28th, 2010


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He never got much of a taste for meat.-
Artemis sometimes brought his aunts a deer.-
And where he sang, birds flocked there without fear,
small beasts as well, which made it seem a cheat

to knock them on the head, and make a stew.
His wife had no such scruples. Rabbit pie
with onion was her favourite. He would lie
and say he was not hungry. It was too

awful to think of this after her death
-he'd not been kind to her, spurned kitchen love.
When he came back from Hell, he killed a dove
and tried to eat it raw, Was short of breath

from all the feathers. So went back to weeds
that he picked as he sang, raw fruit and seeds.

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Charon was sympathetic. Let him ride
without a payment; said his song before
left him in credit. Cerberus at the door
he stroked behind the ears. His dead wife cried

to see what they had done to him, though more
that he was back. His sorry little smile
half-melted her. He walked with her a while
and said he did not want things as before.

She had her own death; he had his. He said
'I'm sorry that I failed and looked.' She kept
her face still for a while, laughed til she wept.
'I'm sorry that I tried then.' 'We're both dead

and life's debts are all paid. Enough to know
I loved you once. Now kiss my hand, then go.'