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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Thursday, December 30th, 2010

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He only met his father a few times.
The Muse thought that he ought to learn to ride
and use a sword, but did not let him decide
that he could be a king and not make rhymes.

He met this bearded stranger. Up to then
he had assumed Apollo was his sire
who'd often spend the night, sit by the fire
and gave him presents. Now this king of men

bumbled around him, gave him a white horse
and a small sword. Orpheus learned to fight
but had no taste for it. He rode the white
once and fell off. His mother then of course

flew in a temper, took him home. The king
his father sometimes came to hear him sing.

The Titans' big mistake, Apollo thought,
was children quite as powerful as they.
When you let such things happen, the dark day
of being overthrown will come. He fought

in those long wars and won. Never again.
He only slept with mortal girls. The odds
strongly against their children being gods.
Perhaps a water nymph or two. In vain

Calliope's vague pass. He liked her son
and sometimes almost wished the boy was his,
could live forever. Sorrowed that he'd miss
his music after some short years. No one

could sing like that. Was happy to be wrong.
Orpheus' death was just the start of song.

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