February 4th, 2011


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Zombie2- For karenhealey

To have the Formerly Alive to tea
is awkward. Wire his jaws, so he can't bite
your other guests –is forced to be polite.
You chain him up, and hang on to the key

so no one sets him loose. Make a puree
of brains and blood and feed him through a straw.
Toast it on crumpets? He prefers it raw.
Let your friends try it -tell them it's pate.

Your special guest will moan and toss his head.
Put down some paper towels to catch the drips,
and best not talk of the Apocalypse
to someone who is risen, but still dead.

Observe these rules, take a good hostess' pains.
Once guests have left, blow out his stinking brains.

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Some of them run at you – you must be fast
to hope to get away. And some are slow.
The key to your survival is to know
which ones are which. There was a time, now past,

when they all shambled, all stank of the grave
that they'd left recently. And they were made
by hand, by craftsmen. You were still afraid.
But they were tame, somebody's household slave

The quick wild ones are feral, a disease
that you'll catch if they catch you. Yet they treat
the old slow kind politely if they meet.
Offer them bits of people. On their knees.

The dead are snobs. The stench of long decay
outranks the slick young beast who rose today.