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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Thursday, March 17th, 2011

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Every negative thing I have said about Hitchens I still believe...
but this reminds me of how much I used to admire him, and for this speech alone still do.

Words to live by, and more importantly, words to die by.
A new CiF piece on Hell, eternal damnation and such like twaddle.

You know the thing about which no one cares
enough to even disagree with you.
Your lover left, bored silly. Your cat too.
Each night when you come home, you trudge upstairs

Lie, with the fact half-warming you in bed.
Sometimes you doubt it, have to lie awake
proving it in your head. Your heart would break
by now, if it weren't true. The books you've read.

The documents you've studied led you here
to this conviction. Though the fact is small.
It's perfect. And nobody cares at all.
One day quite soon, you'll speak it. They'll all fear

the way their world will crumble at the touch
of something they thought did not matter much.

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