May 6th, 2011


(no subject)


The country of his dreams was bright and flat
He was a thin blue line that held a square
so that it could not move. He did not care
or listen to its pleas. He simply sat

all through his dream, doing as he'd been told,
and then woke up, was cheerful the next day
and if you asked him, he would smile and say
order and orders are my life. I hold

society together. It's quite dull
We're needed. Anarchists would tear things down
rape police dogs, scrawl graffiti, burn the town
The uniform means that I sometimes pull.

Most days he's kind to children and old dears.
Sometimes he frowns, and someone disappears.

(no subject)


Love comes unasked for. Comes in the wrong year.
When you are busy, ill or slightly mad.
Reminds too much of bad affairs you've had
Your lovers' similarities appear

At the worst moments. You look in the face
of some young thing and see behind her eyes
some ghost two decades dead. It's no surprise
this happens, for you always seem to chase

A certain turn of speech, angle of neck
More than green eyes, firm breasts. They're not the same
You must remember that. There is no shame
in having lists of things you have to check.

Yet sometimes, when love comes, you have to hurl
yourself into it, crazy for some girl.