May 29th, 2012


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A supporter of RadFem2012 has trolled my LJ from Facebook - I did not know they could do that, given there is no link in my public Facebook details. Given she objects to her false belief that I want to intrude on her conference, in some vain attempt to become female, apparently, I don't see why she would be entitled to barge into my lj, but her logic is not of this earth. If anyone feels like giving her an LJ welcome...

I think I am going to go friends-only for a bit.

A perfect storm

For your convenience here's the latest comment from my new troll Ms Barber who loses it surprisingly quickly and accuses me of wanting to burn TERFs alive.

No, you are just wrong, again. I haven't "shifted" anything at all. You haven't addressed any of my points. Is it true that your ONLY concern is that the law be upheld? If you don't want transwomen to be able to attend this conference--or ANY OTHER EVENT to which they are not welcome--then why are you writing about it at all? What about the hate-filled trans-activists who are making threats, wishing radical feminists would "die in a fire," etc.? Do you support them, or do you not?

I don't belong to a clique. From one end of the Western world to another, women--females, that is--are waking up to the fact that men in dresses and makeup are calling themselves "women" and protesting any and every event that is specifically for biological females. We are finding one another, and listening to each other, and discovering that we are not alone in calling out the Emperor in the "new clothes," and questioning everything about this crazy "gender identity" nonsense that YOU and your friends are trying to force on us. We are not buying it. You have not "won" anything; in fact, the opposition to your delusions are growing every day. A clique? If it were so, why are you all so afraid of us? Is it because we can see the truth, and are speaking it loudly and clearly?

We are not engaged in a war against trans people. Our war is a war against US, a war on women, which we've been fighting since the day we were born. Born female, subjected to all the oppression that women around the world are subjected to. Your fury and hatred of us are not something unfamiliar. Men have hated and feared women since the beginning of time.

And although you'd probably love to see us all burn at the stake, those days are over.

Perfect storm 2

I have been honoured by an LJ visit from renowned anti-trans tadfem Cathy Brennan whose most abusive tweets and posts often disappear.

No Roz, I do not comment anonymously, and rest assured I would prefer never even to know about or hear from you, as I think you are a complete idiot.

Also, I don't need to ask a delusion fuckwit about the Cotton Ceiling or what a lesbian is, as I know the answers to these questions.

Cathy Brennan