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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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Aphrodite Selfish
Sometimes she wrecks things just because she can.
A goddess sometimes has to show her power.
You draw that card – and lightning strikes a tower
that tumbles. If you thought you had a plan

it's over. Oscar crazy for the boy
who wrecked him. Or Francesca with the book
that sent her off to Hell with one shy look
at her brother-in-law. And then there's Troy

talking of fallen towers. She caused all that
ten years of war, young heroes in their graves
wives and grandmothers killed or sold as slaves.
She wanted to be fairest, like some brat

wants sweets and throws a tantrum in the street
then sat back smug and bloodstained in her seat.
Aphrodite worshipped
She often walks among us. In high heels
or sometimes flats, because her feet get sore.
Sometimes we feel a momentary awe
rush of affection lust – the kind that steals

up on us unaware until we sweat
a little, breathe quite hard. She's walking by,
just catch her sideways glance, her lightning eye
is on you for a second. You'll forget

you saw her, but her glory's aftershine
illuminates the next girl that you date.
Sometimes you please the goddess, feel her weight
next to you in the night. Touch the divine

when it is offered and you have the luck
to be the random one she picks to fuck.

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