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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

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Some tweets about the word gender
I have no particular interest in replying to any of the anti-trans self-called 'radical' feminists. However, one of them came, in spite of their perpetual whittering about respecting boundaries, into my time-line on twitter this morning in order to harangue me and so I was provoked into replying, briefly.

Elizabeth Hungerford, co=author of a submission to the UN asking for the exclusion of gender identity from protection, said this

Exactly, #nosubstance! @RozKaveney has lots of words but refuses to address that naturalizing GENDER HURTS WOMEN. #gendercrit4life

I was irritated and so replied as follows

No substance? One of the many words I have is gender, a word with many meanings and nuances all of which we inhabit.
Radical Feminism tries to impose a single meaning on a fluid word and impoverish language and life, and endanger women.
However, transexuality has very little to do with any meaning of gender save people's sense of embodiment in physical sex.
Being trans is not about social role or choice of partner or occupation or collaboration with kyriarchy in its patriarchal mode
Trans rights are about the human right to feel at ease in one's own skin. And you would deny that for a theoretical position.
You and your allies are bullies and liars.You are also like other bigots, losing an argument we no longer need to have with you
It's weird to wake up and find people who go on about boundaries trespassing all over my timeline.
TERFs chose long ago to refuse debate on equal terms. You do not have the right to unpaid access to my time. Go away.

That's an elegant enough formulation of my position that I think I should post it here as well and on Facebook. She won't be able to complain about evasion any longer. She and her friends will doubtless invade here and on FB to yell at me.

I repeat, they are not welcome there.

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