January 29th, 2014




We do not think of lips nearly enough.
Of how a kiss comes close to break your heart
when loving ends, yet also at its start.
Kiss fingertip, kiss down almost to cuff

and round the wrist, tell fortunes on the palm,
and gently bruise the lips against her rings.
This is just one of all the many things
kissing can be. It is the gentlest harm

that we can do. - And yet the Judas kiss
betray one love perhaps, or maybe five
will watch and worry. Memory will survive
not just of touch and smell. Thought during this

cold yet in love. Fuck's frenzy once complete
leaves blanks. In twenty years, my kiss still sweet.



Love in the right way. Love her, watching her
that she loves more than you, loves you as well.
Let fools compare sweet jealousy to hell.
A perfect love, though hard, will still prefer

her happiness to yours, find yours in theirs.
And do not be pretentious – their love's hot
to watch, and makes her kind to you. It's not
some saintly and unselfish love, compares

its options, is pragmatic. Slowly, weigh
your chances, your desires, and what is right.
Then kiss them both, and wish them a good night.
This love for theirs will last more than a day

and be loved back. And if this is a sin
it's one you share with Strauss's Marschallin...