February 3rd, 2014


A third and then bed


I watch the night. Can see, not tell, the stars
like nameless beads. And now the moon is set.
All nights are nights without her. I forget
as hours pass in rain the splash of cars

marks that I do not weep and yet that sound
so lachrymose so long as they recede
like tides and years. There's something that I need
more than her lips, more than her legs around

my aching waist. Some way of stretching joy
each moment that I touch her hand or tease
HER with these songs. Oh gentle goddess please
assure me I am something more than toy

to her , make each kiss, every lonely tear
eternal truth all lovers will revere

This took ages to write - had to tear it down over and over


I love in you selves that I was, might be,
or might have been if things were otherwise,
that are so you, since sometimes in your eyes
I see a mirror. To infinity

it stretches, features morphing into mine
and back again. Oh love, we're not the same.
I never, holding you, scream my own name
in ecstasy, confused, but as we twine

around each other's lives, we reminisce.
I say 'you did that too? Of course you did.'
Already sharing secrets we both hid.
Skin dust that we exhange each time we kiss

is not more intimate. Love, sister, friend.
The faces in the mirror have no end.