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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Friday, April 25th, 2014

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Another New Poem

This house of cards. I take one at a time
moments of tenderness and make them lean
against each other. And perhaps they mean
more by accumulation and in rhyme

than is a fact. I place another layer
above. It grows more fragile. Hold my breath.
Breathing might break it. And no little death
will ever come from this. It is not fair

Love is so delicate, will fall quite soon
to ruin. Playing with the cards I'm dealt.
Laying them in a cross. Each reading felt
a dire prediction. Yet one afternoon

we sat whole hours talking. It is hard
to wager so much passion on each card.
Another New Poem

A month of dryness. Yet my love's sweet pain
continued as sand blew where verse had been
dead leaves grow skeletal. White bone is seen
through mummied flesh, then tapping sheeting rain

and sudden green, lush flowers red and pink
as lust fulfilled, though not. This will not last
desire's a desert and returns quite fast
to desolation. Look and yearn then blink

it will be gone. You know it will return
in mirage moments. I will not forget
to take these pleasures any chance I get
transmute them. It's for poetry I yearn

More than for kisses. One peck on my cheek
enough to give me sonnets for a week.

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