September 4th, 2014


My Fantasycon Schedule

10.00am – Does Anyone Get Out of Here Alive?
Can there be hope in Horror, or are unrelieved despair and gore the essence of the genre?
Guy Adams (m), Adam Nevill, Tim Lebbon, Roz Kaveney, Sara Jayne Townsend, Ramsey Campbell

2.00pm – Surprise!
What happens when the reader feels the rug has been pulled out from under them? Why do some shock twists leave an audience in awe and others make them feel cheated? What does it mean for an author to play fair by their reader?
Karen Miller (m), Roz Kaveney, Toby Whithouse, Simon Spanton, Sarah Lotz

3.00pm – She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Sister
Kirk and Spock, Luke and Han, Frodo and Sam – epic friendships between men are common in fantasy, but friendships between women, or platonic relationships between men and women that stay that way – are much thinner on the ground. The panellists discuss why it matters and examine some of the rare exceptions.
Roz Kaveney (m), Mhairi Simpson, Glenda Larke, Charlaine Harris, Den Patrick

Reading 6.20

I will probably show up at both the poetry reading and the karaoke on Friday.