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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Monday, January 19th, 2015

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And this one translates because the Romans were just as huge snobs as us

'Arry 'as 'is own langwidge. 'E will say
An hambush for example, and look proud,
sure that 'e 'as it right. Will say things loud
and say them at each hoppurtunitay.

I blame 'is kin. 'is n uncle, first one freed,
'is muvver and 'is sisters and 'is aunt
vey all try to speak proper and they can't.
Are sure vey've got it right. Ho yes hindeed.

But now that he's gone East for good, our ears
are gently soothed by accents smooth and mild.
No more his mispronunciations wild...
Until a sudden thought brings back worse fears.

What if his accent spreads, so that one day
e'll sail back 'ome on the Hionian Say,
Another sort of fairy tale

The path was well-lit, dry. No thorns or flies
or stinging brambles that might trap her feet.
The word most often used of her was sweet.
She knew the girl who disobeys soon dies.

Orchids smelled lush and purple in the marsh.
A cool stream where green trailing willows grow.
Blue grapes beyond it, where the vines hung low.
A jesting crow whose tales witty and harsh

led her astray, and into her new life.
Children find shelter in a candy house
Ten cats are tricked and slain by one small mouse
Bluebeard is scared to death by his new wife.

The crow's her other grandmother the witch
whose tales retold will make her wise and rich.

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