February 3rd, 2015


Nomination season

It's not just that I'd like people who have enjoyed the RHAPSODY OF BLOOD books so far to nominate RESURRECTIONS for awards.

It's also that I would be ecstatically happy if more people who like them - or even the people who have reservations - wrote about them.

Catullus is after Mamurrus again


I tell no lie - Big Dick's estate is vast.
Plump birds to trap on meadows lush and green,
there's other game and fish. His income's always been
less than expenditure. Gold flows so fast.

He is both rich and poor. Gives it to friends.
he's the Big Dick who spends and spends and spends.

And again


Big Dick has forty acres of green fields,
thirty of meadows. Quite a lot of marsh.
Not Croesus then, if we are being harsh.
Still it's rich land. He harvests what it yields.

And if his lands stretched to the Western Sea,
beyond the North Wind – forests, rivers, streams
all his, and wealth beyond his wildest dreams,
He'd not be changed by such prosperity

In his erect colossal shade, we call
praise to his name, the Biggest Dick of all.