February 7th, 2015


I think this is what I wanted to say.


Rainwater dries on grass – a sweet bite smell
catches my throat and dazzles into bliss
a moment, then it's gone. The sudden hiss
air bleeds from radiator. That works well -

a simple act performed that keeps us warm
three months of cold and thus it satisfies.
If grass is starved of rain and sun it dies.
Rightness in things that keep us safe from harm.

These the small rites of gods of home and park
that give us much though they do not transcend
like theologians' vast amorphous Friend
a comfort toy we clutch at in the dark

demands much, little gives, polices intent.
With small gods and their gifts I am content.

Sometimes Catullus is an utter dick

I'm giving you the Latin as well so you can see that he really is as bad as all that here. Entitled rich boy complaining about the friendzone just as if he was here right now...


Aufillena, bonae semper laudantur amicae:
accipiunt pretium, quae facere instituunt.
tu, quod promisti, mihi quod mentita inimica es,
quod nec das et fers saepe, facis facinus.
aut facere ingenuae est, aut non promisse pudicae,
Aufillena, fuit: sed data corripere
fraudando officiis, plus quam meretricis auarae
quae sese toto corpore prostituit.

Aufillena, there's girls I love and praise,
I give them presents and they come across
Put out a bit. I'm really at a loss.
It isn't fair at all. So many ways

you've got things out of me, so often teased
with hints you'd soon deliver and be nice.
It's a transaction and I've paid your price.
I hoped we had a deal, thought you were pleased.

Some girls are chaste, and that's all right with me,
they're not part of this game that we have played.
But rules are rules – you broke them, I'm afraid
that bit by bit you've sold your chastity.

Give me good value like an honest whore
and fuck me senseless. I'll respect you more.

I seem to be saving Catullus at his most dreadful for last...


Pompey is diligent in his career
same consulate same Rome a different year.
His wife in her own way is just the same,
you know her, Nasal Drip Girl, wossername.
From one or two, it's now a street parade
of lovers. She works hard at getting laid,
pursues adultery at such high speed,
because she's swallowed gallons of his seed.