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April 2015 - rozk
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by rozk:

01:42 am: Not a post about the Hugos - 5 comments
11:10 pm: A sort of response to John C Wright's description of his vision of God - 2 comments

01:08 pm: Another poem of cosmic pessimism
10:45 pm: This is turning into yet another sequence

12:47 am: In spite of con crud

12:55 am: My view on what should happen about the Hugos. - 19 comments

10:53 pm: It's that scene in the showbiz movie where they're in the bar waiting for the first editions... - 2 comments
11:35 pm: i was wrong

10:44 pm: Just so you don't think I've forgotten all this... - 1 comment
11:17 pm: And another

11:07 pm: Tonight's instalment
11:27 pm: I've been trying to get this one for days

10:32 pm: Oh Gaius, Gaius
11:08 pm: This seems to be an incest cycle

05:35 pm: Even more incest
09:34 pm: And this one is sort of the punchline for these incest poems