April 23rd, 2015


Oh Gaius, Gaius


He thrusts astride them, dinner through to dawn

mother and sisters, and he makes them lick

his large excessively incestuous dick,

their clothes ripped off and all the bedsheets torn.

Of course it's not just after them he pants.

He pulled his uncle from a bridal bed

He slapped him silly and then gave him head,

fucked second cousins and three maiden aunts.

There's no forgiveness he could ever get.

Not Oceanus the ruler of seas all

nor Tethys with her world-edge water fall

could wash him clean or even make him wet.

He's practising a swivel of the hips

to get a blow job from his own sweet lips.


This seems to be an incest cycle


He's so much slighter than you'd ever guess.

Why not? His mum's the apple of his eye

Such healthy lives – she never bakes a pie

Too fattening. His sister's more or less

a health freak too. The uncle's really fit.

Works out a lot, though never at the gym,

and mostly it's the weight that presses him.

So nice to see a family closely knit.

Third cousins, nieces, the adopted brat

grandma acquired while on a trip to France

Half-naked nephews wrestling half-dressed aunts

This fitness kick is rather more than that.

Incest's the vice that really keeps them thin.

They've lost the taste for anything but sin.