April 24th, 2015


Even more incest


They're always at it, Gellius and his mum.

So let some magus from their fucking come,

redeem their sin. It's awful if it's true

but that is what they say the Persians do

to make the priests who hymn the sacred flame.

And get away with incest with no shame.

Their child will sacrifice to Jove each day

gut fat that like their guilt just melts away.


And this one is sort of the punchline for these incest poems


I really was an idiot to trust

someone I know to be obsessed with sin

around my love. I thought, she's not his kin

and so she's not a target for his lust.

I'm mad for love of her, that's my excuse.

So mad I somehow thought that she'd be safe

forgot he's one whom all restrictions chafe

thought he was bound by friendship who's so loose

Normal considerations don't apply.

I burn for her with such intense desire

my common sense consumed in raging fire

He reassured me, did not even lie.

'I love her like a sister'. Should have known

that meant she's on his list of girls to bone.