June 27th, 2015


Oh dear, poems about love. Again


So out of love we do not even speak
Every few minutes one might steal a glance.
A year no word or touch. And now by chance
Sitting some yards apart. Our stares are bleak

As winter tundra nothing lives but moss
Grey unforgiving. Almost I forget
How once her smile or touch could make me wet.
It's over now not even like a loss

An ache has gone. I'm past a fever's end
So cold I shiver. There is nothing left
My memory of all save songs bereft.
Love ate itself and took away a friend.

Indifference? Can I say it's sincere?
I doubt I'll know until at least next year.

Yes more of the damn things


I cannot read a glance coded and fleet
She cannot see my eyes behind dark glass.
First time as tragedy, the next as farce.
Love never dies. It's all rinse and repeat.

Rain washed our kissing tango in the mud
Silence maintained since silence had been sworn.
So long ago – before this one was born -
although same itch same hectic in the blood.

I shall sit still nor speak, there is no way
I'll crack my face. I did not start this war,
I hope I do not love her anymore.
I fear that we can keep this up all day.

Hatred ill-acted- love behind a mask.
I care perhaps, but not enough to ask