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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

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Three poems written at Cloud Club
TRUESONG for Coming Out Day

Voice unsupported is the strained true song
Whose sharp note is the sweetest. Harmonize
Beyond the notes we hear. Protective lies
Rhyme in the lyric. Cadence proves them wrong
Until the cadence changes, Dying fall
That chooses life alters the minor key
Triumphs the major. I that is now we.
They may hurt me. They cannot kill us all.
You tell the truth your closest sort of knew.
Most closet doors have slats that let in light
And if they hate you as indeed they might
Sad is the lilac made of pink and blue
Song you learn notes that ring enjoy and praise
Come out as rich and strange so many days.


Compile from imperfection. Buzz and whir.
The bass strings hover like a blue green fly
Infectionate is sapphire. This is why
They play as group. Viola bows a slur
A drawl of bittersweet to complement
Voice leaps to chaos art the lyrics mean
Keyboard and drums sweet order in between.
The engine pulses. Time is held then bent
Then twisted true but never as before
Rehearsal a discussion word and sound
Arguing beauties not there until found
Nine voices talking when the head count's four.
I write in silence as an audience
Performing too but in a different sense

The briars round her are the needle's twin
That hurt her. Roses like those in her cheeks
As many as the hours and days and weeks
Of expiation for her parents' sins

The invitations that were never sent.
The evil fairy's trivial concern
Moon waxs wanes. Swift rushing seasons turn.
And was her stillness an emolient

To evil fairy's feelings? Not at all.
No blood no pain no panic. Not a snore
She threw the curse and she expected more.
Such disappointments come eventual
To all whom malice gives a dreaming hope
Never enough of anything but rope.

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