Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Iron Man snippet

paratti pretty much summed up both our feelings, but left me a cool thing to point out.

There is always a suspicion in our minds that Obadiah is not the father-figure he seems, that he is jealous and murderous. At one point, well before the reveal, he is sitting at the concert grand playing classical music - as villains so often do. But, says Roz to herself, that is definitely C18 and it is not Mozart or early Beethoven, and I don't think it's Haydn - because I don't actually know Haydn's piano music all that well. I won't say a wild surmise came to my mind, but it hovered somewhere inchoate and I made a point of looking at the music credits.

And frak me! it was Salieri. There is a long and almost certainly spurious tradition that the good but second-rank composer Salieri poisoned Mozart out of jealousy - one of the first celebrity urban legends we know about, popularized by e.g. Pushkin almost a century and a half before Amadeus by Peter Schaeffer. Obadiah thinks of Tony as a better artist - at one point he refers to the suit as 'your Ninth Symphony' in the sense of best and last. (True of Beethoven, Schubert, Bruckner and (sort of) Mahler - though Beethoven and Mahler both started tenths and Bruckner wrote several unnumbered ones and Schubert kept starting things and not finishing them which messes up his numbering - but we know what Obadiah means when he says that.

Something cool that someone thought of and put in because they wanted to...

Otherwise, yes, a superhero film that rests mostly on acting, for once. And goodish casting.

More please.

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