Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney


The reason why I have not done the big post about the US, or indeed much else, over the last week is that I am in a sustained panic attack over the state of my computer. Since I got back, it has moved from occasional crashes to sometimes rebooting automatically every few minutes, sometimes with a message saying that there is a hardware problem. My tech support man insisted that it was a software problem, so I did a hard reinstall of Windows XP, which has made things marginally less bad, though not much and has deprived me of access to word-processing until such time as I can borrow a USB floppy drive and reinstall WP, and reinstall Office. I am working, fitfully, in gmail in cafes, and at home when the machine is not in a tailspin.

I hate to acknowledge this, but I should probably have bought a whole new computer rather than upgrading piecemeal and getting this guy to fix things.

Edited - 5 pm. Things have sorted out with tech guy - I am obviously going to have to find new tech guy sometime soon, but he is going to come round and try to fix it without a callout fee, though I may have to pay for parts if they are needed. We both left stroppy messages and then I decided to be conciliatory, a bit, and so did he.

In other news, I realized that, when the Weevils started deferring to DeadOwen, that made him the Weevil Overlord. The closest thing to an Evil Overlord in my life, my dreaded former boss who responded to my walking out by trying to get me fired from other jobs and possibly doing even worse things I have no direct proof of, came up and chatted at a party the other night as if we had not been at daggers drawn for two decades. It's wearing dark glasses to stave off migraines - they cause me to smile vacuously at people I only somewhat recognize.

I realized when we were talking that twenty years is a long time and I cannot be bothered to be angry with her for things she did a decade and more ago. We are not friends but I cannot be bothered even not to wish her well - middle age does mellow me, I suppose.

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