Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Talking about Jesse Jackson's accidentally taped remarks about Obama patronizing his core support and wanting to 'cut his nuts off', Andrew Sullivan says here 'Jackson still bristles with the politics of resentment; Obama, like many others, has moved on.'

Two points about that - the first of which is that a lack of the politics of resentment is precisely what worries me about Obama. There are people in the current US administration who seriously need to be loathed and detested, even if it proves impossible actually to send them to jail. African-Americans have taken several centuries of shit, and the politics of resentment is something that neither Obama nor Sullivan ought to want to deny them.

It seems to me, you see, that it is important to resent wrongs that have been done to you - even if that resentment is part of a process that leads to forgiveness and reconciliation. When it comes to homophobia, Andrew Sullivan is not especially forgiving - his post about the death and putative posthumous destiny of Jesse Helms was quite appropriately vengeful. I am not making a cheap shot about the fact that Sullivan seems to be gung-ho about LGBT resentment while thinking African-Americans need to get over it (- though why not? Consider that cheap shot made.) so much as saying that oppressed groups are entitled to own their oppression even when they get past it.
'Forgive your enemies,' said JFK, 'but keep a list of their names.'


And a propos of which, don't consider Toiletgate quite done yet. Pride still have to get back to us about our proposed ways of ensuring it never happens again. There is also the question of how it came about that the stewards thought they were allowed to discriminate and who told them to.

Watch this space.

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