Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney


Very briefly - a few updates

Working hard to finish the Elves and Vampires section of the novel - 2 thousand so far today, but I only wrote a thousand in the rest of the week because of heat and headaches and meetings.

re Toiletgate - looks like we may have enough of what we want from the police for me, at least, to be content. There is supposed to be a statement on Monday and we shall see.

Content, in this context, means content that the row with the police is on hold - not that I am happy with Pride, or its sub-contractors. Happiness in that context would mean their agreeing when they have their board meeting to the conditions we laid down. If they don't meet those conditions, we are in a different set of circumstances. I am not entirely sure that Pride understand this.

I do get the impression that, as I said in a letter to vschanoes 'One of the problems with privileged white middle-class gay men and some lesbians is that they think transfolk are wusses who haven't the guts to be properly queer - one of the legacies of theoreticians like Altman is to validate the bourgeois prejudices of precisely the mainstreaming elements Altman would spit at, but he should have thought of that before coming out with ridiculous claims about the origins of gender dysphoria in internalized homophobia.'

Meanwhile, seeing a lot of people for quick drinks/coffee and going to see Hell-Boy 2 on Tuesday. Was very taken with Infamous, the other Capote film because of Sandra Bullock being surprisingly good as Harper Lee (though not, of course, as good as Catherine Keenan) and Daniel Craig being good as Perry Smith.

And now back to novel - I want to get at least another thousand done this evening...
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