Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

And all of this goes on and on...

Polly Styrene has a post about Kellie Telesford here in which she raises the issue that the sort of trans, or pro-trans, blogger who go on about the sort of 'radical feminist' transphobia which is Polly's stock in trade never got round to posting about Kellie's death until a very late stage. The implication being that somehow we don't care about our own, and are rotten human beings - this is implied in the comments thread more than once.

I would be posting a comment in her blog, but apparently you have to be one of her gang, or know the secret knock, to comment there.

But, for the record, this is why I didn't post earlier than this week...And if someone could ensure Polly reads this, I would be obliged, because one should always try to enlighten those in darkness.

1. Various of us raised the press coverage of Kellie's death at the GLA LGBT forum back in the spring - I meant to post about it then, but was waiting for various people to e-mail me more details. This didn't happen so I never got round to posting. Not an excuse, but the sort of thing that happens in everyone's life all the time.
2. There was not all that much information around - we were all waiting for the trial and biding our time until we saw whether it became a trans panic defense or what. There was the question of her alleged killer's receiving a fair trial, come to that, even if that was not my highest priority.
3. Posting about violence against other transwomen is UPSETTING for most of us. Quite a lot of us have been bashed or threatened; I still have anxiety dreams about home intrusion over an assault and transphobic threats that happened twenty-seven years ago. It is not a subject about which I post lightly.
4. Much more generally, I try to think hard about my posts before I write them - I want to consider all the angles and try to be fair to all concerned. I also try to make sure that my writing is as good as I can make it before I put it out onto the Interwebs. I like to think about what I am posting - might I commend this approach to Polly Styrene and her regular commenters?
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