Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Toiletgate - the latest

Paul Birrell of Pride has confirmed that the Health and Safety Officer responsible for the offensive and unlawful decision to force transwomen to use the disabled toilets was supplied by Capita. My view is that the next step is to make a formal complaint both to Capita and to SFM, the security firm who provided the toilet stewards - the fact that the police and Pride have acknowledged that there was no assault on the stewards by the demonstrators makes it easier to do this. I have a legitimate complaint against both companies which I will pursue - the EHRC have already offered to help with this.

As far as Pride itself goes, my view is that our attitude should depend on how Diana Taylor's role works out. I have for some time been uncomfortable with the necessity of acting as figurehead as one of the two people with an actual complaint. It seems to me that Diana's appointment is enough of a response to my complaints that I can finally accept Pride's apology and hand matters over to the broader trans community to deal with - I would suggest, and I am open to suggestions on this, that I formally do so at a public meeting between Diana in her new role and the community. Depending on everyone's convenience, this might be at the next TransLondon meeting next Tuesday or at some other date subsequently to be arranged.

I would like to emphasize - because I know some people have been unhappy with my role in all of this - that I chose, back at the beginning of this, to take my personal beef over what happened to me (and also to the other woman, the one who was assaulted) and turn it, for my part, into an opportunity to get redress for the community as a whole. I have tried to be as transparent as possible in the processing of my complaint and thus to be accountable; I know that some people, and not only the anonymous P.R.I.D.E. mob, have felt that this is not accountability enough.

In respect of my complaint against the Met and now my complaint against Pride itself, I am only too glad to hand further consideration on to the relevant groups - for the moment, at least, I will have to pursue a personal complaint against Capita and SFM because that is the most convenient way to proceed.

I hope this is all clear.

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