Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Just a thought...

If Mother Theresa was magically assassinated with flags on Mount Everest - see previous entry - as part of a Pentecostalist campaign against Mariolatry, does that mean that she is a martyr of the church and can be canonized automatically without having to go through all the usual bureaucracy with relics and miracles. If Princess Diana was killed as part of the same magical curse, does that make her a martyr even though she was never formally received into the Catholic church? Dying a martyr's death would certainly trump her various adulteries and fornications...If John Paul II were still Pope, he would be dead keen on getting Teresa sainted as soon as possible - I am not sure that Ratzinger is as big on saints. I am also sure that some of the Vatican bureaucrats would think twice about attributing successful death curses to Protestant denominations.

More generally, I know the Catholic Church would normally push for people to vote Republican because of the anti-abortion thing, but can they really ask their believers to vote for a woman who was part of a church that thinks official doctrines of the Catholic church are evidence of devil-worship, and which, at least by intention, kills people for holding those doctrines?
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