Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

OK something is stopping complete download of half the pages I look at, and is regularly sending me off to commercial sites I don't want to go to. I have run my updated spyware and it doesn't pick anything up - I assume this is some sort of hijacker. Any thoughts?

Later OK. It's now sorted, and I know what happened.

In Facebook, I got a message about a video I had been sent, and when I accessed it, it told me to update Flash. My system was iffy about the publisher of what was alleged to be Flash and I did not download it - but it obviously got into my system anyway...Because when I looked for various things that were coming up in the redirections, like 'findmycontent', they turned out to relate to a hijacker which goes by the name of tinyproxy1.exe, which has nothing to do with the totally reputable programme tinyproxy. I removed it, but then was unable to get into Firefox.
With help from the wonderful Erin, I found the proxy setting in Firefox it had altered, and the dodgy bits of itself it had installed in startup and registry.

Right now I want to kill the people who devise these instruments of torture, and all the commercial sites that use them to pull in punters. I have wasted most of a day, and sat up late last night, trying to get this sorted out.
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