Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

More fun with webcrime

There was no torrent for Ugly Betty in the usual places where I look for such things, so I looked for torrents elsewhere, and found a couple that seemed OK. Except that they were both dodgy when I tried to assemble them from RAR; both were unwatchable but both came with a codec. Only, of course, the codec was a copy of a fake antivirus programme called MicroAV 2009, which produces a fake Windows Vista Security system (bit of a giveaway if you have Vista), does insta-scans that look like Windows stuff, instals pornography on your desktop and screams at you that unless you give them lots of money Computer Armageddon will have happened a fortnight ago. I am sure you are all, like me, too sensible to be fooled by this sort of nonsense, and would go looking for kill instructions in Google, and remember to find out what you have to take out of the registry. I'm sure, though, that I am not the only person this happened to today. This one is actually a rather unpleasant piece of confidence trickery and I hope that the police and the Feds are actually onto it..
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