Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Department of O! for Heaven's Sake!

In one of the most spectacular pieces of idiocy I have seen in forty years of radical campaigning, the organizer of the Queer Youth Network (or possibly an organizer) has invited Julie Bindel to join the demonstration against Stonewall for shortlisting her. You can see much of the discussion of this at mr_parsnips where I have been accused of hypocrisy for announcing that, should Julie Bindel turn up, I shall - entirely verbally - make clear to her that she is not welcome as far as I am concerned. Having an open demonstration does not mean including in that demonstration the people that demonstration is against - the Washington Moratorium demonstrators did not welcome Nixon when he came out to chat to them.

And I am missing Sharpe to deal with this nonsense...

Later Later dialogue with Joey McKillop has not even begun to convince me that she has done the right thing, but it is clear that she is motivated by a desire to change things and an optimism about the usefulness of olive branches that I think misguided but admirable. She really does not understand that my generation has good reason for the bitterness we feel towards Bindel and her ilk; at the same time, she does not have a clear sense of what recantation from people with those views looks like, whereas I do, having watched the process with Linda Bellos.

As I said to Bindel, in a sceptical response to her (probably manipulative and cynical) plea that we not beat up on Joey, maybe the horse will learn to sing. At the same time, I fear Joey has done the community a colossal disservice, while being prepared to respect her motives and being touched by her optimism about human nature.
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