Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

More lunacy

JB - I am fed up with typing the damn woman's name - has been playing victim again and accused people who have not communicated with her directly of harassing her.

Interesting that she has gone after people involved in organizing here rather than those people who were ill-advised enough to ill-wish her.

As I said to the people involved, there is a history here. The school of 'radical feminists' of which JB is the latest manifestation have a long history of acting like crazy people and playing the victim card. Mary Daley, for example, once accused a questioner at the ICA of stalking her, even though the woman in question - the novelist Sarah Maitland - had never been at any of her previous meetings. Andrea Dworkin was always claiming that the Mafia had a contract out on her. The Campaign Against Pornography accused Feminists Against Censorship of being secretly funded by the porn industry - their evidence being that FAC, a group of media folk and academics, produced professional-level literature with a well-designed logo.

I should also mention that, back in the day, 'radical feminists' were capable of coming calling with balaclavas and baseball bats, and of setting fire to people's stuff.

If JB is making unfounded allegations against individuals, it fits with the general form of her faction, and makes it less likely she is contemplating any sort of recantation.

I would appreciate it, though, if the people who ill-wished her actually said sorry for doing so - it helps no one. Personally, I wish JB a long and happy life in an emotional space and state of sanity such that she does not feel the need to trash my life.

(Also pasted to the Facebook discussion)
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