Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

It is entirely improper to speculate about any element of denial in Julie Bindel's transphobia, even if she opened herself to it with her speculation about how, when she was little, evil psychiatrists might have borne her off to run with the raggle-taggle transmen, o!

It is improper because it gives her yet another chance to whinge on about how we are victimizing her; I am not readily convinced that the origins of transphobia lie in the same sort of denial that the origins of homophobia so often do. I have seen people who had previously said some quite abrasive things about trans come out of the closet and transition, it's true, but I want stronger empirical evidence than my personal anecdotes.

More importantly, I really really don't want Julie Bindel to turn out to have been trans all along. You know the thing about not wishing it on your worst enemy - well, my feeling is that my worst enemies are people who are nowhere near good enough to be trans. A Bindel transition would be too embarrassing, my dears - the tears, the hugs, the wailing. I don't think she has the strength of moral character, the sense of humour, the research skills or the focus to make a successful transition...
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