Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Sometimes I despair

Somebody called Mercia - a trans woman who is a fan of Bindel's writings on matters other than trans - claims in the comments on the JB article that the demonstration on Thursday has to do with internal trans politics and ulterior motive, and cites in evidence of this, claiming that I am 'the chief culprit' my explicit disavowal of any ambition on the part of me or the other anti-Stonewall campaigners.

So, if one makes a point of saying one is not doing something - as in
I really do think that the Stonewall and PFC people see me and my small group of friends as a cabal making a power play rather than a group of friends who find ourselves acting as spokespeople for a grass roots movement and who are not in a position to make deals on behalf of that movement. We can't do the back rooms because we don't have the right or the power.
that is for Mercia clear evidence that I am in fact doing it...

I suppose that it is too much to expect someone who wishes that trans people had not been unwelcome on the counter-demo to be logical or rational.

Later I've now gone in and snarked about Mercia, dissed Stonewall and repeated a couple of the obvious things about Bindel. My work here is done - no, really not.
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