Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

And what you do when one thing is done

I had forgotten how witlessly tired I always am when I finish a project - handing in Reading the Vampire Slayer again, exactly two years after the first time left me feeling like I do when I have jet lag. Tuesday I did almost nothing except mumble and the rest of the week I had incredible difficulty gettting work done, though I managed more or less. Now I have to wait and see whether the Times Literary Supplement are happy with the piece about Marvel Comics and movies which I finally got written Friday evening...

Meanwhile, I have been watching some episodes of Xena I never saw before and feeling a lot of love for that show's complete loopiness. You just know when a man comes into a bar, and says ' Are you Xena?' and she says 'Who wants to know?' and he says 'Beowulf', that you are in for a lot of very silly games with bits of a mythology. Oh bless it. It was never all that well written, but it had good fights and a cast who enjoyed the cheesiness and played the not very sub text for all it was worth. Not a great show or one I ever want to write much about. But bliss nonetheless.

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