Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

The same old song to yet another tune

Someone just asked me in Facebook just why I think gender expression is something that should be thought of alongside sexual object choice identity, why the T belongs with the L and the G and the B, given how many trans people identify as straight.

What I said was this:

I think the answer is this.

The same people want to kill us; the same people want to deprive us of civil rights; the same people mock us in the street or try to beat us up; the same people would rather kill their own children than let them be like us.

For many of us, the queer world is where we live and the culture of the queer world is where we breathe.

For me, being trans is an identity, but so is being queer - I was gay when I was living the life of an unhappy boy who knew she was a girl really, and I am a dyke now. I was queer even in the brief months when I was post-operatively shagging guys - I did not, I realized, go through all that to be some fucking straight.

I get as angry with trans people who think that the lesbian and gay world is nothing to do with them as I do with the gay and lesbian world that tries to exclude and sometimes defame us. Because to live in a cis-gendered heteronormative world as anything other than cis and straight is to be a target and thus a member of the same family and you don't respect people who refuse to recognize their family.
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