Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I find myself seriously concerned about the next few months in politics. The Blair government is trying to claw back some of the unpopularity it has earned over Iraq and its squirming over the lack of evidence for WMDs by doing a lot of things it promised to do and never got round to.

So, suddenly the hunting ban, suddenly announcements on lesbian and gay partnerships and trans rights - and doubtless a number of other things over the next weeks. The point is - they are not doing them because they promised, or because they are right, they are doing them in order to cash in promissory notes and get the vote out in the next election.

Which means, in the case of the LGBT stuff, they may well think that they can get away with not delivering. Any legislation is going to take a while, and there is going to be a massive fight with the evangelical wing of the Anglican church - which is feeling all feisty now that they managed to get rid of an about-to-be appointed gay bishop. And by the time anything is close to happening, there will be an election to fight, in which the Tories are probably stupid enough to make it an issue, which means that the LGBT vote will come out for Labour, because what alternative do we have?, which means that when they get back with a massively reduced majority, they will be in a position to knife us in the back all over again.

Would Blair do that? In a heartbeat.At least one of his closest supporters - Blunkett - is a bit of a homophobe by all accounts, and seems to be transphobic as well to judge from things that happened when he was at Employment.

Right now, the row is going to be with the churches, or at least with some of them. And that is going to have to be fought sensibly and hard, because there are alliances to be made with the non-homophobic bits of the churches. I can see this being the issue which enables Evangelicals to form a working alliance with Islam - so a lot of tact and intelligence is going to be called for on our side.

Oh god, politics.

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