Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Oh well, I suppose I need to post...

BSG is a version of that anxiety dream that goes on and on. The one about travel, where you have too much luggage, and the train is leaving from the wrong platform, and the corridors in the airport terminal go on forever, and the Underground lines are not as you remember them and the escalators keep on going down. I am starting to think that at least one possibility is that everyone died in the mini-series and this has all been their death-dream...

OK a few points. Fine writing never makes up for nonsense. I do not believe that New Caprican foxes are strange mutant foxes that fight dogs or commit suicide by swimming out to sea; I think they get torn to shreds by overwhelming force like other foxes. In which case, Bill's speech and Saul's take on it are emo bollocks.

I do not believe in an atomic war that rendered every single square yard of a whole planet uninhabitable, and yet was done with nukes sufficiently low-yield that quite close to ground zero a recognizable part of a guitar has survived for two thousand years, along with jacks that look factory fresh.

I do not believe in KrispyKara that still has recognizable blonde hair.

I am oddly literal and strange and all this makes entire emotional sense, while being pretty silly at some others.

If you can mass produce 12 Cylons - but see below - running off single copies of Kara is a doddle. And someone obviously did this, and duplicated everything about her including her dog-tags. Also, somehow KrispyKara was somehow got from the heart of a storm to Earth, dead - so someone is shipping bodies and ship parts around, or teleporting them.

If Ellen is the Fifth, there are more than 12 cylons. I have had concerns about this for some time, since the opera house had five figures in the balcony, but six glowing banners on stage to go with them.

They found three habitable planets and OK one of them blew up and one of them was a bit marginal and one of them was taboo. But there are places to go in this universe and they just have to keep looking...

Presumably one of the first things that happens next week is that Saul says to D'Anna, so, it's Ellen. And she goes, umm, yes, and he punches her on the nose. For not telling him instantly.

Or she says, no, no, that's not who I meant at all. And he says, well, what the frak did I just see in my vision then?

And Tory and Anders were an item in another life. Sure, we believe that?

Bill, it is all about you. The Cylons built Saul specially to be your imaginary friend.Sure they did.

About the only people I am currently feeling respect for are Kara, who knows when to destroy evidence: Lee, master of spin; Baltar, who has suddenly worked out a way of telling Cylon skeletons from human skeletons without telling us what it is; and Tigh, who is awesome.

Were the Centurion head-pieces Centurions from the original show?

And so on.

It was an episode about which I felt a bit meh! which may turn out to have set up interesting stuff or may be the point at which we started to feel that we had been sold a pup after all...I shall be here for the ride. Of course I will, even if the platforms really are in the wrong place.

Meanwhile Grey's though it has gone slightly breaking my heart crappy, had awesome awesome Meredith being totally hardcore.
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