Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

A couple of catchups

Andrew Sullivan has some useful links on Bishop Williamson here. Sometimes I almost suspect that one day Sullivan will actually catch a clue and stop regarding himself as a Catholic and a conservative, because they will never love him no matter what he does, and then common sense reasserts itself. His righteous indignation about Williamson is refreshing though.

I am sometimes inchoately grateful - because who would I be grateful to? - for my loss of faith because it means I don't have to care as much about the Catholic hierarchy being the vicious idiots that their profession dictates, because I have no longer any loyalty to that institution.


And I was deeply moved by the latest post at tnh. When people as thoroughly decent and progressive as the Nielsen Haydens have been left this upset and angry and alienated by the cultural appropriation row, it indicates to me that something has gone very very wrong with it, no matter how righteous some of the intentions of participants.

I find myself capable of being polite even to the right-wingers on my friends-list - see my recent exchanges here with doqz with whom I find myself as angry as angry can be - because politeness costs nothing. God knows, I am even polite to Julie Bindel.
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