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Moments from a heated brain

Exchange of notes between an editor and me:
Nick : In this line from what I assume is your SF Bookends...a scene where the heroine (or one of her) falls through a gas giant... is there a word missing?
Roz :No, really, that's what happens. This is a book several of whose multiple viewpoints are clones of the same woman. And she really does fall through a gas giant. What can I say? Stet, I guess.

I went to see 'Chicago' on stage again last week - shininess abounded. Ruthie Henshall was singing Velma - last time I saw it, she was singing Roxie. And that's show-business.

OK, this is a serious bit. One of the people I most admire in the world is Peter Tatchell - not because I entirely like him, because he is far too focussed on an entirely non self-directed righteousness ever to be quite likable. And he said, while barracking the Church of England Synod in general, and Evangelicals in particular, why, if the Bible is the unerring, unchanging word of God, are you content with excluding gays from the ministry? Why, if you are quoting Leviticus, do you not believe in the death penalty?

To which, I suspect, the answer is that actually they do. They just are not at a point in their pursuit of power where they feel it expedient to say so. Clearly some of their friends in the US, and quite possibly Mrs Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, do .

Also, of course, a lot of them believe that almost anything they don't like is caused by demonic possession. A woman argues with her husband - a demon caused by her grandmother's fortune-telling. Homosexuality? Demon. Membership of any religion they dislike, including the Mormons? Demon. Interest in yoga or homeopathy? Demon. Minor stomach upsets? Demon.

They have a total explanation, poor loves, and find themselves stuck in a world where demons lurk everywhere. It must be very exciting and depressing at the same time. The trouble is, they want us to live in that world too.

I almost wish I still believed in prayer, because I pity them. And would pray for them.

I was thinking about writing Six Feet Under/BtVS crossover fic. And then I saw 'Wrong Turn', a highly competent, by-the-numbers, redneck cannibal movie which has Eliza Dushku in it, and the guy who plays Brenda's mad brother. It practically writes itself.
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