Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

O Tempora! O Mores! O Porous Textuality!

Of course, a lot of us have been writing crossovers for years, because those of us who write fanfic like stealing and you may as well steal from more than one creator and because when you jam improbable canons together, they make loud bangs and pretty colour...But sooner or later, we were bound to bring this infection into the shows we watch - in the UK, we have already had, a couple of years ago, a canonical Footballer's Wives/Bad Girls cross-over and the other week, in Grey's Anatomy there was a man who had been injured trying out a sexual variant he and his wife had read about in Mode. Thereby confirming that Grey's and its spin-off Private Practice take place in the same universe as another ABC show, Ugly Betty. I don't know whether anyone has written GA/UB cross-over, but they just inched closer to canon.

Which brings me to Battlestar Galactica and the possibility that its ending could potentiate the biggest crossover ever. If, as seems moderately likely, the Galactica is getting close to final collapse in spite of the hybridization of its girders with Cylon living resin, presumably part of the finale will be Bill getting everyone else to leave and ramming Cavil's base-star with his dying ship, and going down with it, because the captain and the ship are one, at least in BSG. And maybe they will go for the Blake's Seven option and kill everyone, but my guess is that they won't go with a downer that might stop people watching prequels, sequels and so on. Possibly the fleet will make landfall on New Caprica or Cobol, or possibly the rumours are true that we will see the Galactica go down in flames and Caprica Six walking in Times Square; Caprica Six and all those characters who survive and the rest of the forty thousand or so members of the fleet and the rebel Cylons. They won't announce themselves; they will just be here, hybridizing their DNA with ours and downloading and resurrecting (if they get that technology back); They Will Walk Among Us.

As of course they have been doing ever since the shooting of BSG stopped. A Six is making Michael's life difficult in Burn Notice; Rolo Lampkin turned up there robbing a bank. Helo is searching for the Dollhouse; Laura Roslin has developed late onset autism and is a heart surgeon in Grey's. Apollo has acquired a dodgy Estuary accent and is fighting crime in Law and Order UK alongside Martha from Doctor Who. Kara has become an anaesthesiologist called Theodora and is screwing Sean in Nip/Tuck and is making eyes at her colleague Liz and about to blow herself up with Nitrous Oxide, candles and a Harley and have to be rebuilt as Rose McGowan next season. And so on.

Suddenly every single character from BSG is living deep stealth in other shows and clearly they are up to No Good Whatsoever. It is the ultimate crossover event: They Walk Among Us.

Actually, I have been saying They Walk Among Us in sombre resonant tones for several weeks now, because it gets funnier - to me at least - every time I see one and say it...
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